About Elizabeth

I started playing piano in my early childhood at an age when practicing was not on my priority list. My mother sat with me everyday for a half hour, encouraging me to keep going, sometimes through tears. I’m so grateful that she did, as I eventually discovered the joy of playing. This passion has stayed with me throughout my life. 

As an adult, I continued studying classical music. During this time, I began writing some of my own songs, largely inspired by Chopin, Schumann, and Beethoven. Composing allowed me to discover a sense of freedom to play from my heart, rather than echoing the mood of another, as magnificent as their music might be. 

Since moving to Portland in 2013, I have finished and recorded a collection of original songs. Through an unexpected burst of inspiration, I began writing lyrics that fit each piece. It was at this point that I knew I needed to find a singer. About three years later while attending a Unity service, one of the members of the choir performed a solo. Her voice gave me chills. I knew I had found the one. 

Working with Trina has been an amazing, joyful collaboration. Her voice and musical accompaniments beautifully match the depth and feeling of my songs. Her entire contribution far exceeded the vision I was holding for the project.

Trina Brunk

 “Trina Brunk’s music has an ethereal power” ~ Marianne Williamson, Author and Lecturer 

Trina’s music has been described as inspirational, and in the words of one fan, “It’s not just music, it’s magic. It pushes me to be more, to live more, to love more, to feel more, to reach higher.”  She writes songs that speak to the challenges as well as the ecstatic states that are part of being a spiritual being having a human experience. 

A recent transplant to Minneapolis via Portland, Oregon, Trina grew up singing with her seven sisters in rural Missouri. She began writing songs in 2008 and began performing across the nation in 2010. In 2012 her collaboration Running Free with film composer Charlie Armour was nominated for an Indie Music Channel Best Female Soundtrack award, and she opened for Marianne Williamson in St Louis, Mo. She took a break from public performance in 2013 after releasing Songs of the Beloved, her eighth self-produced album, and began facilitating toning circles and music meditation groups.  Since then she has released 4 subsequent albums: Songs for the Path Home, Sky, The Circle, and Together We Rise.

You can find Trina at www.trinabrunk.com.